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Time Fears
Nearly all of the pieces featured in this little publication were created in 2009 or 2010: a highly transformative period of time in my life. I began 2009 full of anxiety over the collapse of industrial civilization, almost all of my thinking dealt in speculating on the future. I was drawing a lot of ruins; ruins of a once high level civilization, landscapes of twisted metal, abandoned buildings and scattered garbage. Throughout this world strode weary wanderers, paranoids, thieves and criminals. There's a streak of danger running throughout much of my 2009/2010 work. In the past, many of my characters looked as if they were hanging out rather comfortably (for the most part). These current characters are a bit more skittish, on edge. The spaces they inhabit are often unsettling... about to crumble or implode.
I'm obviously projecting a lot of my own fears and unease onto these drawings. The world that I've portrayed here is a broken world, a variation of a world I feel I'm being rapidly pushed towards. I find myself taking much of what I find around me and throwing it out into the future; I draw it into the future. I believe that I do this because I spend so much time in the future, mentally speaking. Time is a merciless tyrant, an enemy with whom I've been mentally battling this past year. I've always had time fears but never have they been so intense. There's a fear of growing older, a fear of losing my youth (decay). And therein arises an urgency to
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Autor Lock Matt
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Erscheinungsdatum März 2012
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