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U/Soft City TP HC
(W) Hariton Pushwagner & Various (A/CA) Hariton Pushwagner
The only graphic novel by the legendary Norwegian pop artist Hariton Pushwagner - completed in 1975, lost for decades, and never before published in the United States - is a scathing masterpiece in the tradition of Brazil and A Brave New World but with an off-kilter beauty all its own. Pushwagner gives us an epic, exuberantly intricate vision of a single day in a world gone wrong: a brightly smiling, disturbingly familiar dystopia of towering skyscrapers, omnipresent surveillance, and endless, distant war. Every face looks like the next, and language itself has gone soft: CLEAN BOMB THE HAPPY WAY, blares the morning paper; Heil Hilton! barks an overlord on the news. Welcome to Soft City. Now don't be late for work.
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Sprache Englisch
Autor Pushwagner Hariton
Erscheinungsdatum Oktober 2016
Bestell Nummer JUL198240
ISBN 978-1-68137-046-0
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