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The Infernal Bestiary HC
Inspired by Le Dictionnaire Infernal, a treatise on demons originally published by Jacques Collin de Plancy in 1818, Matthieu Hackière created stunning new illustrations of these dark beings in his own signature style with reinterpreted accompanying descriptions by Justine Ternel. Variously compiled from Judeo-Christian texts, literature and mythology, some of the creatures within may be eerily familiar to aficionados of Dungeons and Dragons or students of folklore. Others are more disturbing for their unfamiliarity, providing new fodder for our nightmares. This encyclopedic ABC of demonology features such fell denizens as Beelzebub, Cerebrus, Jack’O Lantern, Leviathan and Satan alongside lesser-known demons such as Forcas, Gamygyn and Halphas and compiles a record of their wicked deeds and atrocities.
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Sprache Englisch
Autor Ternel Justine
Erscheinungsdatum Juni 2019
Bestell Nummer INFERNAL_BEST
ISBN 978-1-58423-701-3
Verlag Gingko Press
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