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World Survey of Body Art/Decorated Skin
Since earliest times, humans have decorated their skin in endless ways and for fascinating reasons. Laden with cultural messages and imbued with aesthetic experience, body decoration is the ultimate form of self-expression in which the artists create for themselves a second skin as a testimony to the society in which they live, as a mirror of their own individuality, and as a reflection of the upernatural. This unrivaled collection of striking photographs traces more than ten thousand years of cultural history from the body painting of stone-age peoples to the self-inflicted piercing of punks and the enduring image of the carnival clown in modern industrial society, illustrating an art form that is finding new relevance in the world of today. To set the plates in context, a distinguished team of art historians, ethnologists, and archaeologists has provided enlightening commentaries that document the development of an extraordinary spectrum of body painting, tattooing, and scarring techniques.Originally published in hardcover under the title Body Decoration: A World Survey of Body Art.
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Sprache Englisch
Autor Groening Karl
Zeichner TATTOO
Erscheinungsdatum 1997
Bestell Nummer DECSKI
ISBN 978-0-500-28328-8
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