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Black Tights Art Collection SC
(W/A/CA) Yom
Yom's newest art collection has a leg above the competition! Black Tights is a near 100 full-color page celebration of cute, seductive women revealing their best leggings! A showcase of some of the best artists in Japan, Black Tights features alluring poses with a focus on feet, calves, legs, and thighs wrapped in tight nylons. Each pin-up includes rough sketches and Q&A. Plus the collection concludes with a roundtable discussion of soft flesh peering through dark mesh overseen by cover artist and art director, Yom. Audiences have been captivated by Yom's character designs since the 2019 hit original net animation short, Miru Tights. Whether you're a fan of fishnet stockings or lace satin thigh highs, Black Tights is the silky content you've been dreaming of!
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Sprache Englisch
Autor Yom/Diverse
Erscheinungsdatum Januar 2021
Bestell Nummer NOV201824
ISBN 978-1-63442-198-0
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