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Floating Submerged/Attaboy Postcards
Thirty-two full-color, removable, oversized postcards, perforated for your pleasure. Attaboy's maniacal undersea creatures and otherworldly vermin are together here for the first time. This postcard set features fans' favorite images seen the world over, along with characters from Atta's Vinyl Toy and Plush line, including the Axtrx and Gooberry! A great gift to send anyone for their next goo-filled visual vacation.
A renegade toy designer whose goo-filled images glow with an eerie, disturbed, childlike sensibility, Attaboy has emerged as a one of the many leading talents in a toy and design movement that might be called Creaturism. His images appear in galleries, magazines, comics, strange candy devices, calendars, and toys all over. His T-shirts are sold in Japan, his art has appeared in numerous galleries, and his candy-coated stickers and eyesore-causing books are sought after by young and bold. Enter the toof-decayed and festering Yumfactory of Attaboy!
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Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 2006 03 März
Spezifikation POSTCARDS
Bestell Nummer OCT053484
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