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Age called blue TP
Forbidden love has a way of intertwining itself with destiny. Nick and Billyshare a dream to become rock stars, but the dream comes crashing down the nightNick steals Billy's guitar and life savings to pay off a debt. The crime breaksdown the barrier of friendship between the two boys, revealing a far deeperlevel of connection than either was willing to admit. However, other members ofthe band grow tired of Nick's free-thinking and careless ways. They want thehippie out of the band, leaving Billy faced with a heart-wrenching decision.He can either sacrifice his music, a career into which he's invested countlesshours of sweat and blood. Or he can sacrifice the boy who stole his heart longago...
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Sprache Englisch
Autor Em Est
Zeichner EM EST
Erscheinungsdatum 2010 08 August
Bestell Nummer AUG091015
ISBN 978-1-60009-320-3
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