STEVE CANYON TP HC 01 1947-1948

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01/1947-1948/Steve Canyon TP HC


"^IDEA & DESIGN WORKS LLC (W/A/CA) Milton Caniff / Milton Caniff (w & a & c) Steve Canyon like you've never seen it before-reproduced directly from Milton Caniff's personal set of syndicate proofs! For the first time: the definitive edition of the Steve Canyon newspaper strip by Milton Caniff featuring every Sunday in color and the daily strips in their original, uncropped versions. Caniff quit Terry and the Pirates in 1946 to begin Steve Canyon and it became his biggest-selling work. Forever known as the Rembrandt of the Comic Strip, Caniff is at the absolute peak of his artistic prowess in these strips. Your passport is stamped for Adventure, Intrigue, and Danger on your expedition to exotic locales with your pilot, the one and only Steve Canyon! The Caniff women are also on display, as Steve Canyon Volume 1 features steely yet sexy ""Copper"" Calhoun

STEVE CANYON TP HC 01 1947-1948

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Sprache Englisch
Autor Caniff Milton
Erscheinungsdatum Januar 2012
Bestell Nummer NOV110340
ISBN 978-1-61377-125-9
Verlag IDW Publishing
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