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11/Over the Hill With the Swords of 1000 Men #60-65/Boys TP


(W) Garth Ennis (A) Russell Braun (CA) Darick Robertson Cover: Darick Robertson Writer: Garth Ennis Artists: Russ Braun HERE WE ARE AFTER ALL THESE ****ING YEARS!!! It's been a long time coming, but Billy Butcher's revenge on his wife's killer is about to be realized- if he can only get his hands on the bastard. The Boys prepare for one last terrible battle, as the Homelander finally bites the bullet and sets an army of superheroes against the forces of the United States military. Battle rages at the White House, Frenchie and the Female are unleashed, and Hughie faces his own terrors... while MM, patient to the last, races against time to uncover the greatest and most dreadful secret of Vought-American's superhero program. Butcher steps willingly into the jaws of death, alone and unafraid: but what he finds waiting for him is beyond even his darkest dreams. Don't miss this 2nd-to-last collection, featuring issues #60-65, along with a complete cover art gallery by Darick Robertson. The Boys is a book scary in its ability to amaze you on such varied levels. The violence is school yard fun while the conniving and plotting behind it all are extremely adult. The gags can be juvenile while the emotional character arcs tend to be more mature and heartbreaking. It seems that the more serious matters get in this book, the better the stories become. Right here, as we face down the end of it all, things are deadly serious and that bodes well for the content and quality to come in the coming months. Everything The Boys does well is showcased right here in one issue. - Comic Book Resources The Boys #62 is an explosive and thrilling issue that really sets the scene for the story's highly anticipated climax. - Newsarama If you've never read the misadventures of Ennis & Robertson's The Boys, now is the time to start picking up those trade paperback collections or the sweet hardcover collections that are also available. By the time you make your way through what's out there, the end will be just around the corner. - The Comic Book Shoppe This issue did a great job pumping the reader up for the next (and one of the final) story arcs for The Boys. It was humorous, violent, and it's advanced us closer to the final epic showdown which seems more promising after each issue. - Biff Bam Crash


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Sprache Englisch
Autor Ennis Garth
Erscheinungsdatum Juni 2012
Bestell Nummer APR121021
ISBN 978-1-60690-341-4
Verlag Dynamite Entertainment
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